New EinScan Pro 2X and the EinScan Pro 2X Plus from Shining 3D. Also just released is the EXSCAN Pro software that brings even more features to an already disruptive 3D scanner ecosystem. Shining 3D have produced quite a few interesting products over the years and are now a real competitor in the budget to [...] Read more

The CAT-1 3D-Scanner is a new and interesting complete 3D-scanner from BlackBox. Is it good enough to be my new daily 3D-scanner? Let’s go through the good and the bad in this review!   Our CAT-1 3D-Scanner review ties together with the embedded YouTube review above and acts as an extra source of information, pictures and […]

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The Shining 3D's EinScan PRO challenges the market for professional handheld 3D Scanners with expandable features and lower price.  Shining 3D and their EinScan Pro is a an interesting combination that really offers an challenge to Creaform and Artec 3D. Lets go through how it works and what it offers.  EinScan Pro is a handheld [...] Read more