Today I got to show of an beta version of the DSLRigger as part of representing Creative Tools, together with Autodesk at MTD (Medieteknikdagarna) in Norrköping, Sweden. The feedback is great and i even got to show a few lucky viewers how great it is to have a printer nearby. One of the parts didn’t hold up under pressure and we could quickly go in and edit that part in Autodesk Fusion 360 and then 3D-print the new stronger version.

We’re using a Flashforge Finder with PLA to 3D-print the parts.

Stay tuned for the official release 17th of April!


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- 3D-visionary enthusiast exploring the world of 3D-printing.With 12+ years of 3D experience from visualization, VFX and CAD-design and the industry itself, I tend to find interest and ideas from the world around me.

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