DSLRigger – Episode 4 – Dual Extrusion model with MakerBot Replicator 2X

This episode shows the finished handle for the rig. I’ts printed with two materials. The core is a hard PLA-filament structure and the surrounding grip is made of NinjaFlex. NinjaFlex is an incredible cool material that’s flexible and feels like soft latex/rubber.

The grip gives a good friction surface to the rig when you put it down and it’s really comfortable to hold.

In the next episode we’ll focus more on follow focus system and different rod-connectors.


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- 3D-visionary enthusiast exploring the world of 3D-printing.With 12+ years of 3D experience from visualization, VFX and CAD-design and the industry itself, I tend to find interest and ideas from the world around me.

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