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About Filamentive (their words)

We only offer the best 3D printing consumables. We guarantee roundness of at least 95%,
as well as ±0.05mm tolerances across our filament lines. Stringent quality control measures
are implemented to ensure excellence. We have specific, regulated drying procedures for
each material and all feedstock streams are proven 100% homogenous with no foreign
debris. During extrusion, filament is measured constantly from 2-axes, with an alarm bell
sounding if the specification falls outside parameters. Filament is then wound onto 20KG
bulk spools to be visually inspected by technicians before it is wound onto the spools we
sell. All materials are REACH, RoHS and FDA compliant.

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I’ve started unboxing the filament. It looks really awesome! Nice and vibrant colors in good packaging. Nice job! Everything was tidy and dry. They got shipped to me from UK and thanks to EU there were no hassles with tolls or similar.



I started of with rPETG and it was awesome! Nice colors, superb low-warping and great results in most machines. Had som issues on cold platforms, but no more than other PETGs really. Some more indication on fan off/on would be great!

The rPLA were just as easy. Smooth prints and same settings as any other PLA. For example the Flashforge dreamer was just to print either standard settings from Flashprint or Simplify3D.

The Carbon fiber was a bit more hassle. In the end of testing I had good results, but I want to fine-tune the cooling/temperature a little bit. Other than that it feels really strong, has a nice dark color and performs very well.

Final words:

I really like the colors. They are superb! Material wise it seems to be same or higher quality than most brands. (Even though this is recycled). I’d appreciate some more settings and guidelines on the filaments.


  • Filamentive (manufacturer) -8/10
  • rPLA – 8+/10
  • rPETG – 8+/10
  • Carbon Fiber PETg – 6/10

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