Fusion 360 for 3D Printing – Episode 06 – Create a shampoo bottle

Learning 3D Printing have to include CAD-modelling. So that’s exactly what this series is for!

In this episode we focus on mixing T-splines and solids to make the “perfect” shampoo bottle that can be used for 3D Printing. Let the Design awards flow!

The video runs a mere 28 minutes long, But I believe that I’m taking my time so feel free to speed it up in the Youtube settings. 

Using T-Splines (also called: Form mode) we can create a rough shape that we then align to the cap-geometry that is more complex. After that we maker sure to join the two parts correctly and adding details and checking compatibility for 3D Printing.

Quite a short list of steps, but the process takes some time and isn’t always straight forward. There are always problems occurring and I really believe seeing the process of solving those errors are valuable for you, the viewer.

As Always, I really appropriate both feedback and assistance. The files (fusion 360 project) is available for all my Patreons to tinker with modify and try themselves.

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