Great news! I just got the Peopoly Moai SLA 3D Printer review unit set up and running!

I won’t spoil the whole upcoming review on the YouTube channel but the Peopoly Moai SLA 3D Printer was super easy to get going. One would think an SLA 3D printer that comes as a kit would be a pain to get going but nope, everything worked and calibration from factory was spot on.

When it comes to a SLA 3D Printer, you can’t just print a 3D Benchy without adapting it for the SLA technology, which offers more details and smaller layers. So what did I do? We’ll I made a SLA 3D Benchy instead.

How the SLA 3D Benchy was created

Using Autodesk Meshmixer and Peopoly’s Cura I took the regular 3D Benchy from Creative Tools and adapted it for SLA. I scaled everything down 0,25x (1/4). That’s around 15 x 7,75 x 12mm in size. The hole diameter of the 3D Benchy chimney is just 0,75mm!

I then rotated the Benchy a bit to also test the support structure. They ended up looking like Cthulhu grabbing the Benchy! The angle of the print also offer larger surface area for each layer, creating a theoretically stronger print.

I use Autodesk Meshmixer and the overhang tool to generate a proper support structure. The support merge with the SLA 3D Benchy to create a single STL before export.


SLA 3D benchy supports

Slicing with Peopoly Moai Cura

Probably the easiest step of them all was to slice the file. I just took the SLA 3D Benchy STL file and imported it. For this occasion I’m running the highest quality profile in Cura (Cura 2.6.2-14-Moai Edition). This profile prints at 0,025mm layer heights. 25 micron!

The print is so small I have to zoom in to even see the layers in the preview! It ended up with a whopping 656 layers, despite being under 20mm tall in this orientation!


Peopoly Moai SLA 3D Benchy layers

The printing with SLA

Since this is a SLA 3D Printer, and the print so small, there’s not a lot to show of this process. The printer is covered in acrylic to protect your eyes from the UV-laser and the resin from other light sources.

The final result

After cleaning the Benchy using isopropanol I have to say I’m super happy with the result! Have a look at these images and see how small the SLA 3D Benchy is!


SLA 3D Benchy on Peopoly Moai

Compared to the 0,4mm Ruby Nozzle, you can see how small the chimney really is!

SLA 3D Benchy compared to coin

Compared to a 20cent coin (and heavily increased contrast) you can see how small the details are, and where we can start to see some “surface defects”. Very impressive!

Really smal 3DBenchy compared to my indexfinger


Feel free to download the scaled down and supported SLA 3D Benchy here.

Hope you’re thrilled to see the 3D Benchy this small. Make sure you check out the YouTube channel 3D Print Tech Design and subscribe to stay up to date with videos about anything related to 3D.

If you wan’t to read more about the Peopoly Maoi you can do so here.

As always, feel free to share this with anyone interested in small 3D Printing!

Peopoly Moai SLA 3D Benchy

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