/Review – MakerBot Replicator+

MakerBot Released a new 3D-printer! The MakerBot Replicator+ I’ve been trying one out as part of testing at Creative Tools (authorized MakerBot reseller in northern Europe).

This video contain BETA-features pre-release that are now improved/updated.

My review video are always quite long, instead of chopping stuff away I made a menu that works with the annotations in the viewer (make sure you turn them on). If you want to quick jump, here is a few marks in time that are interesting:

  • 00:46 – Main menu
  • 00:59 – Intro + Whats New
  • 02:42 – Unboxing + Beauty-shots ( 05:38 )
  • 06:54 – Setting up the MakerBot Replicator+
  • 12:17 – Software (setup, new features and much more)
  • 24:53 – Awesome 3D-printing
  • 26:36 – Final conclusion


POST-RELEASE of MakerBot Replicator+ updates

The clips where 3DBenchy and engine block were printed was made with the beta-firmware. I 3D printed the 3DBenchy again after launch (and update to firmware 2.0.6.x) and it looks much better, see below. 0.2mm “standard” settings.

3dbenchy from MakerBot Replicator+Update 2; I’ve 3D printed more and want to share some nice close ups of the prints in the MakerBot Replicator+ review for you to study.

Leave a comment down below if you have questions or thoughts about the MakerBot Replicator+. I’d love to help out!

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  • James

    Saw the video in 3Dprinting group on facebook. It’s interesting how many are hating even before seen the printer or heard anyone use it. I guess your video shows that it’s a good step in the right direction. Still I doubt I go buy one for my home

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