The Mount Rushmore 3D Print Story


How I 3D Scan my colleagues and create our own Mount Rushmore 3D print using a Ultimaker 3D Printer. Eddie Krassenstein picked up the story on our Mount Rushmore 3D Print and wrote a piece on it:

When it comes to 3D printing, you have to love the customization aspects that this technology provides to artists, designers, and hobbyists. For those of us who know how to create 3D models, the possibilities are really endless when it comes to designing an object to be 3D printed.

For one group of designers, at Creative Tools, they wanted to do something not only unique, but something that was monumental, quite literally. They knew of the potential that 3D technology could provide, having been one of the leading suppliers of 3D software and hardware in Scandinavia since 2004.


The very first step of our Mount Rushmore 3D print is to 3D scan each persons head using a suitable 3D Scanner.

We had a Artec MHT at the office we could utilize and created 3 individual 3D files with.

Next up we use 3ds Max for modelling to create a blank “Mount Rushmore” dummy 3D model.

This model serves as our base where we attach our heads to.

We use Autodesk meshmixer to import our 3D scanned heads and orient them into the blank Mount Rushmore 3D model.

With the simple tools in meshmixer we merge the models together and end up with a super interesting result of combined geometry.

We also have to do some digital smoothing between the intersection of the models to make everything connect well between transitioning surfaces.



The final result of our Mount Rushmore 3D print is a true epic piece of 3D Print.

The Ultimaker in the office made a great job printing a large flat surface that is the bottom of our 3D print.

During design we carefully oriented the faces to avoid “overhang” at the chins, which would cause us to accidentally get goatie beards.

The final Mount Rushmore 3D print sure look fantastic!

Mount Rushmore 3D print


Read the whole story here:




The Mount Rushmore 3D Print Story

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