XTC-3D For smoothing 3D Prints

Sometimes you just want to make 3D prints more transparent, but how do you do it, and what are the results when using XTC-3D?

Using Smooth-ons XTC-3D, which is a 2-part coat mixture that you apply on your model, you can get a very big difference in how light refracts (goes through) your 3D prints.

Whats included?

The box comes with a few mixing containers, the A and B compounds as well as a foam-brush (tip, get more of the brushes). In other words everything to get going!

The bottles in my 24oz (644g) package were packed for optimal mixing ratio of 2 parts A and 1 part B.


You actually don’t need a lot to cover your print, so be conservative when mixing for your first prints. I used just a few ml and got still got loads over for more prints. You should note there’s around 10 minutes of working time when mixed. That still means you have to be preparerad when you start mixing.

When your mix is ready, apply gently and start off applying both with and against layer lines. This helps to work in the XTC-3D into the cavities between each layer.

A minute or two after my first application i gently move the brush over the surface to smooth it out. This creates and extra smooth “outer layer” which gets super smooth during curing.



The curing time is around 4 hours but this varies a lot depending on amount and temperatures. Just make sure you leave your XTC-3D to cure for quite some time.


XTC-3D thumbnailResults speak for themselves in the video right?

Make sure to check out more examples over at www.smooth-on.com and the product page for XTC-3D.

If you wish to purchase XTC-3D from amazon, please consider using my Amazon affiliate links (costs you nothing, but adds value for me!)


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