3D Meetup Sweden 2018

It’s that time of the year again. 3D Meetup Sweden!

This is the one 3D Meetup event for Sweden for sure! Maybe even for Europe?! With an international reach its surely an event that will keep growing.


3D Meetup Sweden caters to all who like 3D Printing. When I say 3D Printing I don’t only mean RepRap or Open-Source. It’s about 3D Printing, so It doesn’t matter if you’re working with metal 3D Printing or design cat props. If you want to experience what 3D Printing is you’re welcome!


Why 3D Meetup Sweden

The Meetup is a fair mix of enthusiasts using 3D printing technologies and suppliers, providing service and products.

I’m happy to see 3D meetup start to get more international suppliers like Matterhackers and Panoscape involved as well. Being in Sweden and working in the field I’ve had the pleasure of meeting most of the exhibitors before, but boy is it fun talking with them all!

This year, the organizers attracted a ton of interesting companies as exhibitors!

I wish I could link to them all, but you can find them here at 3D Meetup Sweden website.


Competitions and activities

3D Meetup Sweden also engages visitors, that don’t bring printers or a booth with them. Several of the exhibitors sponsored the competitions and there were many printers and spools of filament given away.

I was honored to be part of the jury together with Joe (3D Maker Noob) and Thomas (Toms 3D) to judge the Design awards and the “Best modded 3D printer”.

3D Meetup Sweden Jury

The Design theme was “3D printable life hack” and although a very limited amount of time, the winner created a WASA knäckebröd (hard bread) protective case that was very cool!

For best 3D Printer mod, a certain enthusiast had spent many hours converting an original Prusa mk1 into a dual extruder IDEX system. How cool is that?!


Creative Tools, creators of #3Dbenchy had a super fun challenge where you have to stack 3D benchys as tall as possible in 2 minutes. It’s not as easy as it looks! As you probably know, the 3D benchy isn’t really designed for stacking. It makes for a great head-to-head competition though!



It’s not 3D Printing without some OpenRC racing!

3DPrima sponsored a track for racing an official OpenRC F1 car, printed and built by Patrik Möller (@sswede82). Everyone could sign up and drive the official car (to avoid people optimizing their cars). You get 5 practice laps and then 3 “hot” laps that are timed together. I think the record was around 27 seconds. I got 36 or something. Not very proud of that…


Track Design (we’re driving the wrong way in picture)

What was even more fun was to race my own OpenRC F1 Ferrari Enzo car! First time driving that officially on a track and it was bloody awesome!



And for everyone who wasn’t ready to start printing themselves just yet, there were some 3D Printing Pen’s to try out. How cool is that!



Fantastic creations and where to find them

I wouldn’t be happy with myself if I didn’t share some of the cool creations from 3D meetup Sweden. One of the coolest tables was without doubt Olle skölds table. There were train tracks, Boats, houses and just so much creativity!

Olles Stridsbåt 90 was incredible!


And I can’t forget to show you the OpenRC F1 (micro?) from Lars Nyström at Autodesk. He scaled down the OpenRC F1 car from Daniel, to around x0,55 so it would fit electronics from a cheap bought-kit. Fantastic!

Seeing this Prusa i3 with LEDs I got even more inspired to get one! I just have to wait for a economical reason haha!


People from the internet

Another great thing with 3D Meetup Sweden is that you get to meet creators and youtubers you’ve only seen online before! I’m honored to be considered as one of them, but i’m still a bit starstruck talking to people like Thomas Sanladerer and Simon (RcLifeOn)

I had a blast with great conversations with people from all over the world (well, OK mostly Europe). But still, having someone from Germany come up and say “hey, I watch your videos” and talk for a few minutes is a fantastic feeling. It makes me want to create more, attend more events and just be even more integrated into the 3D printing community!

Speaking of the community, The hosts of 3D Meetup Sweden is the best group ever. What a fantastic job they’ve done!

From me and the Community, THANK YOU Jonathan, Peter, Niklas, Christoffer, Ron, Emanuel and Robert! Amazing!


Why not finish of with a few nice pictures of printers and more?


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