One day before the halloween party and the stores are closed. You need a mask, an outfit.  So what do we do? we use 3D printing of course! I’m going on a halloween party today and realized yesterday that I won’t be able to get a mask or outfit in time. Luckily I got 3D […]

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The Zortrax Inkspire offers microscopic precision and extreme details with it's UV-LCD 3D Printer, adding to the already highly regarded Zortrax 3D Printer family. Zortrax Inkspire is the polish company's step into resin 3D Printing and expands their focus from FDM (or LPD as Zortrax calls it) into SLA/DLP, or UV LCD as Zortrax calls it. [...] Read more
Flashforge Finder has always been one of my favorite 3D Printers for beginners when talking about recommendations. It's easy to use, superb printing, good looking and just very well made machine. Now it's down to $299 and the result is an even better value-option for beginners! I made a full review of the Flashforge Finder [...] Read more
Josef Prusa and Co just released the Original Prusa SL1, an Open Source SLA 3D Printer. It looks like there's enough features to make Resin 3D Printing an even bigger deal! Let's explore. Prusa Research steps into a new segment of 3D Printing with it's Prusa SL1. The resin 3D Printer segment. A new but [...] Read more

The new Peopoly Moai 200 just released! It’s the next version of Moai I’ve fallen in love with and this beefed up version with even more build volume seems to be even better!   If you’re looking into getting a SLA 3D Printer with exceptional printing in high details and quality, the Peopoly Moai is […]

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Using 3D Printing in fun and exciting ways is my passion! When I found out about Tim Peake and the Astronaut spacial awareness challenge I thought it would be fun to explore it visually using 3D Printing. Tim Peake’s book “Ask an Astronaut: My Guide to Life in Space” includes a challenge that you need […]

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Will 3D Printed selfies be the next big thing for merchandise and marketing? If you ask me yes! I think there's something interesting with a 3D Printed Selfie. Instead of your typical poster or business card, giving away a 3D Printed model of yourself could be what sets you apart at a job interview, creative [...] Read more
Choosing 3D Printing technology for your first 3D printer can be tricky. There are many exciting technologies that all have their own benefits and features. In this guide we'll help you understand what those are so you can make the best possible choice entering 3D Printing. When first starting to look for a 3D Printer [...] Read more
Great news! I just got the Peopoly Moai SLA 3D Printer review unit set up and running! I won't spoil the whole upcoming review on the YouTube channel but the Peopoly Moai SLA 3D Printer was super easy to get going. One would think an SLA 3D printer that comes as a kit would be [...] Read more

  With the release of Lisa 2 SLS 3D Printer I want to revisit the Lisa SLS 3D Printer on-site review and go through the process of what SLS enables you to and how SLS works.   Sinterit Lisa 2 SLS 3D Printer Sinterit announced the successor of the Lisa with the Lisa 2 SLS […]

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