A Very Weird Failed 3D Print


Hmmmm. What else can I say. This is a strange Failed 3D print.

I just can’t wrap my head around HOW this failed 3D print could happen. Where did it go wrong. And what happened? let’s investigate!


Failed 3D print from side

I’m pushing filament for the Tronxy X5s Final conclusion in the review, and yeah, this weird Failed 3D print happened. All printed well until it started with the wrench heads height-increase. And.. Yeah again the result is pretty spectacular.

Something have happened with the Z-axis. It almost looks like it’s moving to much. But I mean Gcode don’t change height in the slicer just like that. It cant be a bug right?

What makes the Z axis fail?

So, what else could cause the Z-axis to fail like this. It only moves every so often and it went well on the smaller layers. Maybe something happens when it start to printer faster (smaller layers).

I was going to start a new print (to print slower) and noticed the calibration was off when I pre-homed everything. Hmmmm.

I noticed it didn’t push as it should and when I started to feel the Z-screws I noticed that the small hex slotted nuts holding the backlash-piece on the stepper motors didn’t grip the rods!

Failed 3D print reason

Z-Hop failed to reset mechanically

So every time the Z-hop moved rapidly, they wouldn’t grip on the rods, causing a movement down, but not up again. So after repeating this many times the result was like a “double” in layer height.

Pretty Cool. Now you know what can cause a failed 3D print like this!

A Very Weird Failed 3D Print

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