The Anet A8 3D Printer Journey – Mods and plans


After just finishing my 2nd livestream on the Anet A8 3D Printer its now completed and works!

It took 6 hours of combined livestreaming to make it happen, and having you guys there really helped! But I still need your help on what should be modded!

I’ve put together a list of mods I’d like to do and that I’ve read are good. The goal is to finish the review-video as it is stock, and then we’ll follow up with a modded machine. Maybe even mod-guides along the way if you like.

You can see the list below of suggested mods (will be updated) but if you have any suggestions, just comment and I’ll add it into the list!


  • IGUS quality bearings (X/Y)
  • IGUS Z-nut-screw
  • Z-Brace for stability (3D printed)
  • Front and Back braces (3D printed)
  • Y-cable chain (link)


  • Improved fan duct



  • Skynet?

Printed mods:

  • Mainboard cover
  • Vibration dampening

Weird mods:

  • Making a Pastextruder (for clay and similar viscosity)
  • 120mm noctua external fans (including pipes) – replacing stock loud small fans.


Obviously the weird mods will take a lot of time to finish, but I hope to include those in a series of videos. Oh, and if I wasn’t clear enough, I will make videos on each set of mods so you can follow along and possible mod with me. Also a great opportunity to have your mods featured!

If you wanna build and mod along with me, you can get the Anet A8 from gearbest (and EU warehouse)  for $146 with code: GBA8EU  from this link:

This is my first finished DIY 3D Printer kit and I decided to stream it instead of filming separate videos.

If you want more of a build guide, make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel because the Community3Dprinter build videos are hitting Patreon first, and Youtube a week or so later…




The Anet A8 3D Printer Journey – Mods and plans

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