I have a passion to bring 3D-Printing closer to enthusiast and help newcomers and professionals to understand the technology better, and understanding what separates 3D-printers from each other.

In an attempt to reduce the “begging” towards manufacturers or the special treatment as reviewers unfortunately get (like priority support or just extra service since you’re a face outwards) I’ve come up with a plan. The Plan is to separate us from those scenarios with something I call #Community3Dprinter.

With this concept, We (Patreons) + Livestream  donors) each chip in a bit (i’ll pitch in extra from YouTube ads and affiliate links to set a good start) and we collectively decide what printer to buy for reviews, testing, experimenting and modding. At the end of a time-period, this printer is given (for free) to one of you who contributed to it. (We split shipping up to $200)

All you need to enter is become a Patreon! – Patreon here
You could also contribute directly at a 
Livestream donations and get an “entry”.

SEASON 1 – Micromake DIY Delta – With Heated Bed

The first season was set to be a Delta-kit, you guys voted the Micromake DIY Delta so I got it for us with heated bed of eBay. It’s arrived and the series is being recorded. Stay tuned over at Patreon for the insights!

3D Printer - Community3DPrinter - Episode 1
3D Printer - Community3DPrinter - Episode 23D Printer - Community3DPrinter - Episode 3



The Patreon of the first season is @bartvdo, a huge congrats! Hope to see more content on it being made from him!

The Livestream donations come from Streamlabs here: https://youtube.streamlabs.com/amidse

Please let me know if you have questions or feedback!


Season 2 of Community 3D Printer?

Do you want to see a new season of Community 3D Printer? If so, what machine is a machine you’d like to see a review of? Let me know in the comments down below!