Download free 3d models

I hope you enjoy and Download free 3d models that I create. Although they are free, they take a lot of time and effort to create. I’m super happy if you could give credit if you end up using the models!

If my models help you or you think they are worth something to you, please consider donating anything via PayPal as a token of gratitude and maybe become a Patreon?

Currently, all models are free to download, but I’m considering creating some models that are paid downloads via Pinshape. Right now, there’s nothing there but the plan is that some of the really advanced artwork will be there for a few bucks, but Patreons will get most of them for free a month after publication. They might become free after a 5-7 months as well.

There are also short-lived models from Livestreams hosted at this link.

Enjoy my creations!

3D Printed Sloth Hand

I know, It’s weird. But you have to agree. Haven’t you wondered how it feels to be scratched by a sloth? Now you can thanks to 3D Printing.

Ferrari Enzo OpenRC F1 Mod

One of my proudest 3D models. A mod for the OpenRC F1 car, that transforms it into a Ferrari Enzo. Made all in Fusion 360, using the original F1 electronics and hardware as guides. Read more about this project here.

SpaceX Dragon 2 3D printed model

SpaceX Dragon 2 capsule

One of my favorite designs so far. The 3D Printable SpaceX Dragon 2 capsule! A free version is coming, but currently only a paid HD-version via Pinshape.

Dish Rack Elephant

My way of making hand dish more interesting. It’s cute, it functional and it collects your cutlery!

The Interchangable Scraper

I needed to clean my windows and didnt have a scraper. What to do?  Design one and print it obviously!  The TPU is not as good as real silicone on getting the water off, but it works!

DSLRigger - Camera Rig

This project is huge! It took me a LONG time to get to the first release, and we’re still not completely done. Please look at this link for more info about the project and all see the parts!

Stackable Boxes

I love organizing my stuff. Everything from test-prints from machines to screws and bits. These boxes are easily 3D Printed and can stack on each other for easier management!

Fidget Spinner

As part of my Fusion 360 tutorial on web and splines I created this fidget spinner. Like it or not, it’s a print you can download for free!

Manfrotto 200PL Mount

I use the 200PL mount for all my tripods and cameras in the studio. And guess what, I ran out! Some of the gear (like light/mics) also need the quick release plates, so why not 3D print them?

IKEA Shoulder pads

This got me a featured at IKEAhackers! I wanted to protect my “expensive” suits and still use the cheap hangers from IKEA. Tada, 3D Printing saves the day!

OpenRC F1 Rain Tyre

Every OpenRC F1 should have a rain tyre, that’s what I believe anyway! This one was designed in Fusion 360 and is now available for all you RC-racers our there!

Custom GoPro Thumbscrew

I didn’t really like the original thumbscrew for the GoPro ecosystem. I couldn’t grip them with gloves or when wet. So I made a larger one with more grip!

OpenRC F1 Workbench

This easy-to-print workbench allows you to safely stor your car up or down (it flips) when working on it. You can even stack mutible F1-cars on top of each other!

GoPro Hero 3 Case

I don’t want to spend money of GoPro cases, so I thought I’d make a case that fits all the cables you might need. There are several versions of it at thingiverse.

Open RC F1 Tyre Rack

Stay organized on Race Day with this Open RC F1 Tyre rack! Easy to print, easy to enjoy. Keeps your rims and tires stored in style!

If you’re not into Thingiverse…

Of course, you can find my models on other sites if you don’t like thingiverse. Make sure you follow and like the models on these sites!