How To Fix Loud 3D Printer Fans

Here’s how to loud 3D printer fans in a super simple way.

Some 3D printer fans make a really high-pitch noise when you start up your 3D Printer. Usually the hot-end fan, that runs all the time, is the first fan to go on your printer.

Often the easiest way to repair this is by simply lubricating your fan!

Turn off your machine and open your hot-end up so you have access to the fan, On it’s backside you should either see a sticker or a shaft visible. If you see a sticker you need to peel it away to expose the shaft in the image below

This shaft was hidden underneath a sticker

For lubrication you want to use a very thin oil. Sewing machine oil is usually to be recommended. Add just a small drop and rotate the fan by hand to work it in before re-assmbling your machine.

A pro tip is to actually use the same oil for All-metal extruder to help lubricate the heat-break. This is mostly done via a dust-filter that also work as a lubricator. Creative Tools have made a super simple dust-filter here.

If you’re unlucky your loud 3D printer fan don’t have an opening for the shaft/bearing it can’t be easily repaired without potentially damaging it. In these cases I recommend buying a new fan, possible a lower noise level.

When you look for another fan, make sure you check your voltage and choose something with similar flow. Here’s a guide if you want to use 24V fans on a 12V systems.

Enjoy your freshly serviced not-so loud 3D printer fan and keep 3D Printing! Let me know if you need any other tips and tricks!

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