Overkill Rotating Selfie-helmet (snowboarding)

Back in 2013 I made an overkill project to create a helmet that lets me spin a selfie-mounted GoPro camera when skiing or just fooling around on motorbikes. This is the story.

It all started when I saw the GoPro Hero3 release movie and they had awesome spinning cameras on top of their riders. The whole idea of a dynamic camera angle was really cool!

I started of taking my old snowboard helmet and scan it. I didn’t want to drill in the helmet to crack the glassfiber/plastic in case I would fall and actually hit a rock or something… So with the 3D-scanning (in this case an Creaform VIUscan laying around) I could get the organic shapes of the helmet into CAD.



With the surface I could start to designing something that would fit to it. In this time I was more used working with mesh and I did most parts in Autodesk 3ds Max, but ended up doing the less “organic” shapes in Rhino 3D. The idea was of course to print all the parts and assemble so that I could pack down everything when travelling.


After design it was time to test everything! I printed the parts in ABS with my ol’ Makerbot Replicator 1 Dual (the wooden epicness) The parts came out nicely and everything fitted spot on! Add some hardware screws and two bearings.


I then used a regular PVC-pipe and cut it down so that it fits neatly. I also didn’t want to use a full length rod since I wanted it to be a bit compact and easier to travel with. To compensate for the weight I had to add some counterweight. All I had was a big socket adapter hehe.


Check out the testvideos down here. As soon as I find the files i’ll post them somewhere!


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