Ferrari Enzo OpenRC F1 Mod

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Woah! It’s been a while since I started this project. That’s for sure. Finally I’m done. The parts work, the car spins and the design is final!

The Ferrari Enzo OpenRC mod is of course based on Daniel Norées OpenRC F1 model that you can download here.(thingiverse) or Pinshape. Now, the new parts all need to be printed, but you still need some parts printed from the F1 design:

That results in the following parts you need from the original file:

  • Tire_V2
  • Rear_rim
  • Servo_Holder
  • Servo_saver
  • Steering_push_pin
  • Wheel_Axle_holder_left
  • Wheel_Axle_holder_Right
  • Spur_Gear, Wheel_Lock_Nut
  • Servo_Save_Upper
  • Front_Lower_BOM
  • Front_BOM_block
  • Front_wheel_axel
  • Front_Upper_BOM
  • Pinion_Gear
  • Front_rim
  • Front_Wheel_Hub
  • Rear_wheel_Axle

Now, I do use more of the M3x12 counter sunk screws, so it’s good to stack up on those!

If you need a full kit of parts, check out this link to 3DprintnPack where you can buy everything.

Then there’s this Bearings kit that you can get as well.

However, if you need to buy separate parts I’d love if you’d use my Amazon links, it give me a small kickback and won’t cost you anything extra:



Don’t forget to check out the second video as well:


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