DSLRigger - The open source DSLR video rig

I have been dreaming about a nice and stable shoulder rig for quite some time now.
I’ve finally decided to make one myself in 3D and sharing the design and adding new features as time pass.
I really like gadgets… and i want to add functions to my camera that I cant today, either due to budget or simply product availability. It can be anything from LED-lights to Microphones and handles etc. I really like to be able to have a base that can be a shoulder rig or even a cage-rig or why not a steadycam-rig.

3D-printing at home

Through in-depth-guides on how to create things to improve you home, Will help you, no matter how novice you are, to be able to adapt 3D-models for your home.

Discuss topics in the Facebook group. and of course watch the series here on the website or at Youtube.

The upcoming 2017 book release from Anton Månsson

More information to be announced shortly.

I’m looking for support and curious readers to help me with feedback

Please contact me if you want to read before anyone else!

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