Sinterit SLS samples

A box full of Sinterit SLS 3D printing samples came in today. Boy do they look cool!

To be honest I was a bit skeptical when Sinterit contacted me and handed out info about their LISA SLS 3D printer system. I couldn’t really believe the price point and what they promised. And that it was available. I had just seen the Fuse 1 video from and was impressed that SLS were moving forward and becoming more accessible. But that is in 2018 at earliest…

So to say that I was impressed when Sinterit care pack arrived today is an understatement. Not only does it show great results, but it means there’s machines running, and working good. They also seem able to produce a bunch of models since many other 3D printing YouTubers have or will receive care packs.

So as you saw in the movie above,  the Sinterit SLS prints look great! But, i promised more hi-res photos! Click the image to get the bigger picture (literally)

What’s so special about SLS 3D printing models then?

Well, SLS is a technique using Selective Laser Sintering to achieve its additive manufacturing, which means that it bonds layers of a fine powder material by sintering it with a laser. This enables a few great features and benefits.

The main benefit according to me is that you can run models without supportmaterial. The unsintered powder stays in each layer, acting as a support for the structure. At the end you pull out your model and blow away the uncured powder and recycle it (up to 70% according to sinterit leaflet) for your next print.

Another great benefit is that you can stack models above each other if you’re running a big print overnight. That’s pretty cool! Since you can stack models freely in 3D-space, and don’t need support. You can create pretty cool moving parts like you saw in the video. All without assembly after print.

And one more benefit, the powders offers great heat resistance and durability. The PA12 powder that my models were made with is a Polyamide powder (Polyamide 12 powder) and is rated to up to 140C+ degrees resistance to the environment. I’m no expert in what that means to the fullest, but it’s quite a lot more than my PLA-prints ;).

The jaw-dropping low price compared to other SLS-systems

One of the most controversial things about the Sinterit SLS 3D Printer system is that it’s only about 7’000€ for a complete system. That includes Sinterit SLS 3D Printer, Sieve (reusing powder), Sandblaster for post processing and a kit of accessories. 6kg powder is included as well.

I don’t know very much about the actual machine yet, just reading out of the specs. But luckily Sinterit have invited me down to their office to see the machine in action, film some content for the channel and of course get some hands-on-3Dprinting while there. Can’t wait!

Curious to read more about the Sinterit? Check out these links:

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