Resources to help you master 3D Printing

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You’ll find a ton of articles here about 3D printing and everything that comes with it. We’re also making sure there’s great articles to help you learn, fix, mod, troubleshoot and master everything related to 3D.

We’re constantly updating the sections so make sure you check back often!

Design Guides

Here you can find articles and guides on how to design and create various cool effects in different 3D Software.

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Master 3D Printing in different materials such as PLA, ABS, PETG, FLEX and many more.

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Reviews of products

Watching reviews of products really help tell the full story. Does it work like you intend it to. Is cheap good or bad? Why go the extra mile and pay more? In our reviews you’ll find all you need to know before purchase.

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FAQ and troubleshooting

Here we’ve listed all the articles that include FAQ and troubleshooting sections to help you find solutions to problems as fast as possible!

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Here you’ll find a few select “should-know” articles to get you up to speed on techniques, filament, how-to and 3D Printing in general.

About Moisture in 3D Printing
Do a cold-pull in 5 steps


I’ve produced a lot of “CAD alongs” Where I talk you through my process of creating in a video. I recommend checking them out if you want to learn how to actually tackle design problems instead of following a fixed example.

Sculpting advanced geometry with pipes